Although education is a fundamental human right and an essential condition for individual development, full and effective participation in society, a reasonable proportion of persons with disabilities in Nigeria continue to face denial of this fundamental right, triggered by numerous barriers and hindrances in terms of access, ranging from prejudice and discrimination, lack of qualified inclusive education teachers, unaffordability (extra cost of education for persons with disabilities) to inaccessible school environments and learning materials including libraries. Available evidence showed that persons with disabilities are less likely to attend school, less likely to complete primary or secondary education or even higher education, and less likely to be literate. In Nigeria and most developing countries of the world, 87% of persons without disabilities versus 75% of persons with disabilities aged 15 to 29 ever attended schools (United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), 2018). Similarly, children with disabilities of primary school age (about 6 to 11 years in most countries) are more likely to be out of school than their peers without disabilities (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization Institute for Statistics (UNECSCO UIS) & Global Education Monitoring Report – GEMR, 2017). Further evidence indicated that the average out-of-school rate across countries with data is 18% for adolescents without disabilities and 26% for adolescents with disabilities and primary completion rate is 73% for children without disabilities and 56% for children with disabilities, with lower literacy rate (UNESCO UIS & GEMR, 2017). We are working with donors, international development partners (IDPs), CSOs, individuals and communities including governments at various levels (federal, state and local) to promote and deliver participatory and inclusive education. DAEF aims to eliminate all forms of discriminations and stigmatizations in learning against persons with disabilities, other excluded individuals, groups and communities in Nigeria.

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