Specifically, it is important to note that blindness is the inability to see clearly. The leading causes of chronic blindness include cataract, glaucoma, age-related mascular degeneration, corneal opacities, diabetic retinopathy, trachoma, and eye conditions in children (e.g. caused by vitamin A deficiency). Age-related blindness is increasing throughout the world, as is blindness due to uncontrolled diabetes. On the other hand, blindness caused by infection is decreasing, as a result of public health action. Three-quarters of all blindness can be prevented or treated. Available data from the Nigerian National Blindness Survey carried out between 2005 and 2007, "a total of 4.25 million adults aged 40 years and above are visually impaired." Out of this figure, 1,130,000 persons are currently blind, while about 2,700,000 are estimated to have moderate visual impairment and "an additional 400,000 adults are severely visually impaired." Today, 2 out of 3 Nigerians are blind due to causes which could be avoided, and nearly half a million adults in the country are in immediate need of medical intervention such as Cataract Surgery. Our health programs will focus on eliminating avoidable and preventable blindness with priority to north central states of Nigeria with possibilities for national coverage. Our target is to achieve universal health services and this will mean ensuring that specific focus is giving to the health needs of persons with disabilities and other excluded groups in Nigeria. Our effort is to promote the realization of universal and non-discriminatory as well as inclusive health care system. DAEF work in the health sector will focus on improving policies, legislations, guidelines, etc. as well as health system strengthening in addition to supporting the delivery of health services targeting poor and marginalized communities in Nigeria. We aim to partner with governments at all levels, private sector and the public towards the realization of universal and inclusive health in Nigeria.

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